Dedicated IT Contract Reviewer

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With the accelerating trend of "consumerized" technology on campus, CIOs are struggling to scale central IT expertise across a growing number of tech-related distributed contracts and acquisitions. In an attempt to facilitate fast-cycle, rigorous reviews of frontline buyers' purchases, some IT leaders are elevating technology contract assessment to a full-time, dedicated role.

In this practice, the CIO dedicates an IT employee to full-time technology contract review, identifying an individual whose expertise spans the historically disparate domains of procurement legalize and technology operations. Allocating a focused FTE to contract review builds a "human library" of campus IT needs and solutions, and hastens time-to-approval for end users by expediting routing processes and engaging expertise in complicated exceptions.

Download the practice implementation intensive to dive deeper on IT contract reviewer job specifications, find guidance on technical contract identifying processes, review fast-cycle turnaround protocols, and access a scorecard for understanding the need for procurement and technology consolidation on your campus.

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