Comprehensive Vendor RFI

Comprehensive Vendor RFI

As the balance of technology buying power shifts increasingly toward unit leaders with independent budgets, CIOs are struggling to scale central IT expertise to the growing distributed purchasing environment. Some IT leaders are introducing standardized, comprehensive RFIs early in the evaluation process to surface crucial contract terms, assess security provisions, and more accurately assess service-level needs while embracing end user independence.

In this practice, central IT standardizes an extensive list of RFI elements incorporating often-overlooked interoperability, security, and compliance issues, and educates frontline buyers about the importance of front-loading RFIs early in the evaluation process. Making transparent all the vendor information that ultimately must be collected encourages purchasers to involve IT experts early in the evaluation stages.

Download the practice implementation intensive to dive deeper on 190+ RFI questions, find guidance on educating end users about the importance of thorough information capture, and access a template for creating your own RFI.

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