Findings from EAB’s IT Functional Diagnostic

Case studies and analyses from the 2015-2016 cohort

We've identified high-priority areas for higher education IT improvement, based on survey responses from 110 North American colleges and universities.

Findings from EAB’s IT Functional Diagnostic

EAB’s IT Functional Diagnostic was a survey designed for higher education IT executives. The survey asked respondents to rate the maturity and importance of 29 key IT capabilities. Researchers used that data to generate a gap score (maturity rating – importance rating = “gap”) to identify high-priority areas for improvement. Lower gap scores denote areas with greater need for improvement.

One hundred ten North American colleges and universities participated in EAB’s IT Functional Diagnostic to assess performance in 29 distinct functional IT areas. In this report, we describe how member institutions have leveraged the diagnostic and present our analysis of the initial cohort’s data.

The IT Functional Diagnostic in Action

The IT Functional Diagnostic scaffolds shared understanding across campus and within IT, allowing IT leaders to align with their school's strategic direction, illuminate the IT team's perception of its own strengths and weaknesses, and measure campus leaders' perspectives on IT. 

Analysis of Maturity and Importance Scores

The cohort spanned institutions across North America, including research, master's and baccalaureate institutions, enabling researchers to analyze trends in the overall sample as well as break downs by institution size, location, and focus. 

Overview of IT Reporting Lines, Staffing, and Budget Data

In addition to analyzing the maturity and importance of the 29 functional areas, participants reported data about their organization structure, staffing, and budget. Researchers gleaned multiple insights from this data, including unexpected functions CIOs oversee, the importance of budget for a mature organization, and who oversees the CIO role.

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