Breakthrough Practices in Career Services

Topics: Career Services, Student Experience, Student Affairs

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Research Questions

  • What are the key offerings provided by career services deemed to be cutting edge?
  • Especially for institutions for which career services were not a particularly significant contributor to institutional appeal, how did leaders make the case for large-scale change in career services?
  • What, if any, data was used to support this case, and what did it show?
  • What have been the challenges of instituting more progressive student career services?
  • How are career services organized?


In light of recent economic times, universities and colleges are being called upon to more directly demonstrate the value of a degree through student job placement and career success. This has been a challenge across the industry, for liberal arts and public institutions alike. This brief presents services and resources offered by institutions deemed cutting edge in the career services space, as well as trends in the growth of career services. Also addressed are implementation challenges and strategies for their mitigation, as well as methods of continually using data to underscore the value of career services.

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