Sustainable and Inclusive Social Justice Initiatives

Topics: Diversity and Multiculturalism, Student Experience, Student Affairs

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Research Questions

  • What is the organizational structure of other institutions’ social justice initiatives?
  • Do these social justice initiatives partner with academic faculty, and does this partnership affect the dynamic of the initiative?
  • How do institutions include other disciplines (e.g., music, dance, history) into their social justice programming?
  • How do the social justice initiatives collaborate with other programs on campus (e.g., campus ministries or office of public service)?
  • How do other institutions encourage participation for all races and cultures on campus?
  • Is participation in social justice initiatives recognized with a certificate or academic credit by either the institution or an outside organization?
  • How do other institutions fund social justice initiatives?
  • What advice do contacts offer for securing sustainable funding?
  • Have institutions designated physical space for social justice initiatives, and how has that encouraged the success of the initiative?


This brief profiles six public and private institutions with innovative social justice programs, which are housed under either student affairs or academic affairs. The brief explores the organizational structure of social justice initiatives, funding models for program offerings, the physical space that houses such initiatives, and techniques for engaging a diverse group of student and faculty participants. Additionally, the report considers how program leaders can incorporate a variety of academic disciplines into social justice initiatives as well as programs for which academic credit is offered.


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