Creation, Management, and Evaluation of Living-Learning Communities at Large Public Universities

Profiles at Large Public Universities

Topics: Residence Life, Student Experience, Student Affairs, Living-Learning Communities, Student Retention and Success

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This brief focuses on how academic, student affairs, and residence life leadership collaborate to form, staff, fund, operate, and evaluate living-learning communities in university residential facilities. The Forum profiled living-learning community structures at eight large, public, research universities.

Research Questions

  • What campus unit oversees living-learning communities, and what is the administrative structure of day-to-day living-learning community management?
  • To what extent are student fees or rent surcharges assessed to LLC participants to subsidize these programs? What are the other funding sources?
  • What metrics indicate success of LLCs (e.g., term-to-term retention, satisfaction, program-specific goals), and how do institutions assess these metrics?