Student Group Travel Policies at Large Private Universities

Topics: Student Affairs, Student Organizations and Activities, Student Experience

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As student group travel becomes more common, student affairs administrators consider risk management a top concern. This report outlines student group travel policies at large private universities. It explores registration requirements, travel waivers, and emergency protocol.

  • Key observations from our research:

    1. University administrators develop and maintain formal policies for all sanctioned student group travel.

    2. Student group travel policies apply to all travel that the university funds, recognizes, or that involves academic credit.

    3. Robust travel policies require students to submit driver authorization forms, travel waivers, contact lists, and an itinerary.

    4. Travel policy development and review processes involve staff from the offices of student activities, risk management, and the general counsel.

    5. Administrators note the importance of training students and faculty to independently assess travel risk.