Operating a Testing Center for Students with Disabilities


This research analyzes the structure, services, and resources dedicated to testing centers for students registered with disabilities services units. We examine staffing, space allocation, and assistive technology at testing centers and consider how administrators evaluate the impact of testing centers.

Key observations from our research

1. At four of five profiled institutions, administrators locate testing centers within the office of disability services and restrict use of testing services to students with registered disabilities.

2. Testing centers employ up to four full-time staff members, who utilize online databases and portals to register students and schedule exams.

3. All profiled testing centers provide private and group testing rooms, computers for online exams, Braille transcription services, and assistive technology tools and software (e.g., digital recorders, JAWS, Read&Write Gold, smart pens).

4. Administrators tack quantitative metrics for testing center usage reports and to support requests for increased space and staff.

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