Addressing Growing Threats to Student Health and Wellness

Today’s climate–both nationally and on campus–has led to a wide array of threats to student mental health, wellness, and ultimately, persistence on campus. Institutions are feeling increased pressure to address these issues quickly and effectively, and are struggling to do so in tight budget environments. Join us at our national meeting this year to explore innovative solutions to these challenges.

Meeting the Escalating Demand for Mental Health Services: Targeted Interventions for Key Student Segments
Over the last decade students’ demand for mental health services has significantly grown and it shows no signs of slowing down. In recent years many institutions have heavily invested in hiring additional full-time clinicians, but they are still unable to keep pace with the escalating demand. EAB's work will discuss how institutions can create a suite of results-oriented service options for students, minimize waitlists with targeted interventions, and adopt flexible structures to meet students’ diverse and changing needs.

Addressing Students’ Basic Needs: Food and Housing Insecurity on Campus
Institutions have heavily invested in student success over the past decade, primarily in efforts to help students overcome academic and institutional barriers to persistence and completion. However, there are also significant non-academic and personal barriers to student success. As the costs of higher education continue to rise and institutions expand access to more diverse students, colleges and universities are seeing growing numbers of students on campus financially unable to meet their basic needs, most commonly struggling with food and/or housing insecurity. These students are more likely than their peers to miss class, fail courses, and withdraw from the institution, but they are often reluctant to come forward to ask for help.

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