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On-Demand Webconference

Introducing EAB’s New Comprehensive Campus Climate Survey

New Instrument to Help Institutions Address Diversity, Inclusion, and Sexual Violence

About the Webconference

Since 2015, the Student Affairs Forum has worked with more than 60 unique colleges and universities to launch the EAB Sexual Violence Campus Climate Survey. Through this work, members have collected important year-over-year data that has been used to determine future areas of strategic focus, improve reporting processes, and refine prevention programming and awareness campaigns.

Based on member feedback, EAB is excited to announce that we will be expanding the focus of the campus climate survey next year to more broadly focus on students' experiences on campus. Starting in spring 2018, Student Affairs Forum members can administer a comprehensive campus climate survey that will measure students' experiences, attitudes, and behaviors with respect to diversity, inclusion, and sexual violence on campus. Join us for this webconference as we walk through the survey structure, administration details, and recommended next steps for institutions interested in the spring 2018 cohort.