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On-Demand Webconference

Address Students’ Basic Needs on Campus

About this Series

Food and housing insecurity are emerging issues for colleges and universities across the U.S. and Canada. As college-going rates continue to rise, EAB expects these issues to grow in prominence across the coming years, posing a significant challenge to students’ academic success and well-being.

Past Events In Series

Sustainable Funding and Staffing Models to Support Basic Needs-Insecure Students

This webconference will review progressive staffing models, ranging from no additional staff to an entire stand-alone office.

Build an Institutional Strategy to Support Basic Needs-Insecure Students

This webconference will explain how colleges and universities can create a comprehensive institutional strategy to address food and housing insecurity.

Connect Basic Needs-Insecure Students with Campus Resources

This webconference will explore opportunities to create structured channels to connect surplus campus resources with students in need.

What You Should Know About Food and Housing Insecurity on Campus

This webconference will discuss who basic needs-insecure students are and provide guidance on surveying your campus population.