Improve alumni employment outcomes by enhancing student leadership development

Alumni employment outcomes are now affecting student success metrics. The increased pressure to improve metrics is also tied to the way parents and future students evaluate universities and colleges and even funding in some states.

We understand your youngest alumni. You can turn them into lifelong donors.

Student affairs plays a direct role in supporting students through career preparation and as a result, prioritizing this will have an impact on future enrollment. Learn more about how one institution created a leadership program to help students connect their experiences to employer desired skills.

Case study: Stephen F. Austin State University

After consulting the National Associate of Colleges and Employer's (NACE) Jobs Outlook Survey, Stephen F. Austin State University completed an internal survey of student experiences in an effort to understand opportunities existed on campus to help prepare students for the workforce. The university determined that student leaders were already engaging in skill development in several of the NACE recommended areas.

As a result, they formalized these findings in the Certified Student Leader Program, which included five skills certifications: organization, influence, decision making, teamwork, and communication.

What stands out about Stephen F. Austin State University's initiative

  • Students finish with a formal, skills-based resume and cover letter prepared before graduation as opposed to an e-portfolio or badge.
  • The program utilizes existing campus opportunities, like on-campus trainings and leadership development
  • Administrators strategically aligned the skills that matter most to employers in their region and crafted the program accordingly.

Read the full innovation profile

Download the profile to discover more takeaways from Stephen F. Austin's initiative and which questions you should consider as you move forward with building a student leader program.

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