How to capture the impact of student affairs

In the wake of the great recession, institutions are under growing pressure to reassert their value and more tangibly demonstrate their impact. As a result, colleges and universities have become increasingly focused on outcomes. To remain relevant, student affairs divisions must rethink the way they demonstrate and communicate their impact to align with the more streamlined, outcomes-oriented focus of the institution as a whole.

This year's topic poll revealed that members of the Student Affairs Forum are using strategic planning to articulate how the division will demonstrate its value to the broader institution. Almost half of member institutions included divisional strategic planning or institutional strategic planning as a top-of-mind issue.

But there are numerous challenges that members face in their attempts to implement strategic planning: they are under pressure to set goals that align with broader institution objectives, they struggle to identify concrete success metrics and operationalize assessment plans, and, most critically, members have difficulty articulating divisional impact.

Executive leadership wants more student affairs data

Increasingly, executive leadership is asking to see more student affairs data. In fact, 93% of institutional CAOs and CFOs surveyed by EAB report wanting more data on the performance of their institution's student affairs divisions. While some student affairs divisions have expanded data gathering and assessment capabilities over the years, most divisions struggle to link their data to institutional metrics and communicate targeted information to institutional leadership.

Translating data and analytics into action can seem overwhelming—here's the simple solution

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