Preparing Students for the Workforce

Six co-curricular opportunities for experiential learning

 Preparing Students for the Workforce

To prove ROI, institutions are focused on preparing students for post-graduate success. Given their pre-existing programs and access to undergraduates, student affairs practitioners can play a unique role in this institutional priority. The strategies profiled in this infographic represent six ways student affairs can have the greatest impact in supporting experiential learning.

These strategies range from changing students' perceptions about the potential value of co-curricular involvement to providing guidance on how to articulate the value of students’ experiences to prospective employers. We've identified opportunities that reach students at different times throughout their campus experience, and, in some cases, target specific student populations.

In all cases, we've made an effort to leverage work your divisions are already doing to provide high impact support in ways that are easy to incorporate into already busy schedules, budgets, and staff.

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Get 3 more strategies to prepare students for success post-college.

Many recent graduates are often unaware of their job-related skills, making it difficult to communicate their job readiness to prospective employers. Read our white paper to learn three strategies to help students articulate the value of their degrees and improve post-college outcomes.

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