Explore the demand for mental health services with campus partners

Over the last few years, the heightened demand for campus mental health services has drawn attention from institutional stakeholders, the public, and the media. Divisional staff, cabinet leaders, and presidents are increasingly asking questions about how the demand is met on campus.

Student affairs leaders often must serve as educators-in-chief for campus partners about the demand for campus mental health services and its impact on students. To equip members for this task, the Student Affairs Forum has created an editable PowerPoint: Understanding the demand for campus mental health services. The slides include data and talking points to guide your conversation.

Customize the presentation to meet your needs

Regardless of what material you choose to include, the deck is customizable to meet the needs of your audience. Present the slides all together, use only what you need, or combine them with information specific to your institution.

The notes at the bottom of each slide summarize the main points. Use them as a starting point to guide the discussion or add facts and examples from your institution’s experience to underscore the most relevant information.

Present at divisional updates, cabinet meetings, and many other occasions

Integrate this presentation into any meeting with institutional stakeholders about the realities of providing mental health services in higher education. It can be included as an update in regularly scheduled divisional meetings to educate other divisional staff about the trends and challenges facing campus providers of mental health services today.

Other institutional leaders may also benefit from taking a closer look at the campus mental health services landscape: faculty, vice presidents, and even new presidents or provosts may be unaware of the challenges facing counseling centers today. Sharing data and anecdotes about the challenges of providing mental health services to students can help all stakeholders reset their expectations—and better understand that they also have a role to play in student success.

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Meet the Growing Demand for Campus Mental Health Services

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