Free Speech Policy Compendium

As free speech issues continue to stir debate on campus, senior leaders must revisit institutional policies. Leadership should prepare for instances of campus activism, including student protests and controversial external speakers. Institutions without current or comprehensive policies find themselves grappling with complex, emergent situations on the fly, leaving themselves vulnerable to increased scrutiny from students, faculty and staff, alumni, third-party organizations, and the media.

To help institutions re-evaluate their own policies and statements related to free speech on campus, EAB developed a free speech policy compendium. The following compendium features policies on free expression, literature posting, and external speakers, as well as official statements on free speech from more than 20 colleges and universities in the United States and Canada.

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Section 1: Free speech policies

Review the existing policies regarding free speech from universities of varying size, location, or public/private.

Section 2: Free speech statements

Peruse statements on campus free speech and expression from institutions across the United States and Canada.

Section 3: Reading list

For additional reading material, review these articles from IHE, The Chronicle, and other higher education news publications.

Download the Resource

Put the research into practice with our toolkit

Use EAB's Free Speech on Campus: Policy Audit and Supplemental Resources Toolkit to work with campus partners to evaluate and update your free speech policies. Get the resource.

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