Hardwiring Student Engagement with Career Development

A Road Map from Admissions to Graduation and Beyond

Topics: Student Affairs, Student Experience, Career Services, Experiential Learning, Academic Affairs

About the Infographic

With parents, trustees, and legislators all pushing institutions to integrate the academic and cocurricular experience with post-graduation planning, career services has emerged as a critical differentiator in a more competitive, tuition-dependent environment. Many leaders worry about expanding the array of career resources without giving students the direction on how to use them strategically, with too many ignoring them for too long.

This research examines how the most sophisticated schools are coupling high-value career services with key student milestones. View the infographic to see an idealized process for combining classroom, cocurricular, and experiential learning to help students systematically explore career options and make informed choices across the student life cycle, setting themselves up for post-graduation success.

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