EAB's Resource Hub for Sexual Violence Prevention and Response

Topics: Student Affairs, Student Health and Wellness, Sexual Health and Conduct

About the Resource Hub

The EAB Sexual Violence Prevention Resource Hub is a repository of guidance documents, tools, and resources that provide best practices to effectively address sexual violence on campus. Each item in the resource hub has been carefully vetted to ensure that it is high-quality, useable, and relevant to the work of Student Affairs Forum members. This is a growing space and SAF researchers continually add to the collection as new guidance emerges in this topic area.

Sexual Misconduct ReportingFeatured Resources

Sexual Misconduct Reporting

This study explores five key areas where institutions can simplify reporting processes and leverage reports to improve the overall campus response to sexual misconduct.

Expanded Campus Climate Survey

Since 2015, the Student Affairs Forum has worked with more than 60 unique colleges and universities to successfully launch the EAB Sexual Violence Campus Climate Survey. Starting this spring, Student Affairs Forum members will now be able to administer a comprehensive Campus Climate Survey that will measure students' experiences, attitudes, and behaviors with respect to diversity, inclusion, and sexual violence on campus. Learn more.

Table of Contents


Federal Legislation and Guidance

Resources to help institutions determine if they are compliant with recent federal legislation and guidance from the Department of Education regarding Title IX and the Clery Act.

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Prevention and Response

Recommendations for creating strong sexual violence prevention programs and response structures, including a dedicated task force, on campus.

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Policies, Procedures, and Community Partnerships

Guidance in developing sexual misconduct policies and procedures and building effective community partnerships.

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Reporting, Investigations, and Adjudication

Strategies for improving reporting structures on campus, resolving sexual harassment claims, adjudicating sexual misconduct cases, and imposing student sanctions.

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Public Relations

Strategies for working with local and national media so that issues of on-campus sexual violence are accurately contextualized and reported.

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Online centers that provide research, resources, training, and tools on sexual violence prevention, response, policy, and legislative requirements.

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