Developing Next Generation Career Services

Strategies for Increasing Alumni and Employer Engagement

Topics: Internships and Co-Op Programs, Career Services, Student Experience, Student Affairs, Student Employment, Experiential Learning

Helping Students Get Practical Advice...

…When They Need It Most

Council interviewees report that this long-standing annual event is a success for alumni and students. For alumni, it is a chance to engage with students and provide practical advice at a time when it can make a difference for individuals. Similarly, students have an opportunity to make connections, get advice, and begin thinking about the transition to life after college.

The Real World conference has been so successful that Colgate is developing a similar event targeted at sophomores, which will take place over homecoming weekend. The goal of the new conference will be to help sophomores explore career opportunities earlier, covering topics such as internships, graduate school applications, and the recruiting process.

Helping Students Get Practical Advice...

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Real World Conference Agenda at a Glance

Entrepreneurship is a Hot Topic for Today's Students