Responding to Students of Concern

Best Practices for Behavioral Intervention Teams

Topics: Student Affairs, Student Health and Wellness, Mental Health and Counseling, Student Health Centers, Alcohol and Drug Use, Student Experience, Special Populations, Academic Support Programs

Widening the Referral Pipeline

Institutions Set Up Multiple Channels

To make referrals as easy as possible, the Forum recommends designating a single point of contact for referrals and clearly identifying the channels through which referrers may submit concerns. There are a variety of channels available to collect information including phone hotlines, team email addresses, and online forms.

While BITs might be tempted to rely solely on a single channel for referrals such as email, interviewees stressed that some referrers (particularly faculty members) still want the ability to connect with somebody either in person or via phone.

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“I Am Concerned. Who Do I Contact?”

Practice #3: Central Point of Contact