Responding to Students of Concern

Best Practices for Behavioral Intervention Teams

Topics: Student Affairs, Student Health and Wellness, Mental Health and Counseling, Student Health Centers, Alcohol and Drug Use, Student Experience, Special Populations, Academic Support Programs

The Basic Necessities of Recordkeeping

EAB Research Reveals Key Metrics and Data Points for BITs

The Forum’s work illustrates how the growing volume and complexity of cases means that BITs must develop systems to record and track information about student cases. The Forum strongly recommends that all teams capture information about referrals, cases, and resolutions in a central repository. The basic information recorded for each case should include items such as student name, referrer, nature of the concern, and actions taken. 

Institutions with well-established teams or those who want more robust records may wish to capture additional metrics for cases including gender, GPA, affinity group information, and home country. Teams can use these additional data points to assist with identifying population trends and making resource asks.

The Basic Necessities of Recordkeeping

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Practice #13: Case Recordkeeping Systems

An Inexpensive Recordkeeping Solution