Responding to Students of Concern

Best Practices for Behavioral Intervention Teams

Topics: Student Affairs, Student Health and Wellness, Mental Health and Counseling, Student Health Centers, Alcohol and Drug Use, Student Experience, Special Populations, Academic Support Programs

What Constitutes BIT Success?

Team Performance Difficult to Quantify and Evaluate

The final component of an efficient BIT process is a mechanism to assess team performance. Forum research demonstrates, however, that assessing BIT performance is incredibly challenging due to the difficulties in quantifying non-events. As a result, few schools invest time and effort in evaluating team performance, assuming the existence of the BIT and the lack of major incidents means that they have a well-functioning group.

Throughout this research, interviewees touched upon a variety of problems with their BIT, many of which may not be readily observable to people outside the group. For example, they highlighted communication difficulties, undefined roles, personality conflicts, and unrealistic expectations as issues that often hinder teams in their work with students of concern.

What Constitutes BIT Success?

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Looking Beyond the Institution to Boost Skills

Practice #9: Performance Audit