Responding to Students of Concern

Best Practices for Behavioral Intervention Teams

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Making It Harder to Fall Through the Cracks

Review Sessions Help Teams Pull-Up and Discuss Open Cases

Forum research surfaced several tactics designed to increase the visibility of open or ongoing cases. One strategy to enhance transparency is a semester pull-up session where the team reviews all cases handled across the term. The group goes through the cases chronologically to ensure that nothing has fallen off the radar.

During the review, special attention is paid to cases still marked as open or monitor, which will be carried over to the next semester. For each open case, team members focus on next steps, discussing proactive outreach eff orts and potential support resources. Overall, these sessions act as a forcing mechanism for the team, helping them to step back, review their performance, and ensure that cases haven’t fallen through the cracks.

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Practice #15: Ongoing Case Review and Tracking

The Crisis in the Crowd