Responding to Students of Concern

Best Practices for Behavioral Intervention Teams

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The Campaign Continues at Carleton University

Next Steps in the Education and Training Process

To address faculty and staff turnover and ensure there are no training gaps, Carleton’s student mental health advisory committee creates a new communication plan each year to set goals for training and outreach. Key elements outlined in the plan include outreach material distribution, costs, and target audiences for training presentations.

Finally, a critical element in the framework’s launch and implementation at Carleton has been the dedicated clinical psychologist who works in close collaboration with the Director of Health and counseling. The dedicated clinical psychologist receives a budget and ensures the initiative keeps moving forward. As part of her role, she conducts training presentations, leads data collection and assessment, and works with senior leaders to engage the campus community.

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Shifting the Campus Culture

Branding One-Stop Referrals