Responding to Students of Concern

Best Practices for Behavioral Intervention Teams

Topics: Student Affairs, Student Health and Wellness, Mental Health and Counseling, Student Health Centers, Alcohol and Drug Use, Student Experience, Special Populations, Academic Support Programs

Reducing the Ripple Effect

Students of Concern Cause Widespread Disruption on Campus

All too often, students of concern have a ripple effect on campus, causing stress and worry among roommates, classmates, faculty, and staff . Forum interviewees stress the importance of a robust campus referral network as being a key factor in early identification. If a student is found early, there is a greater range of options and resources available to support them.

When a student surfaces in crisis, however, the options are very limited and in some cases the only choices are hospitalization, leave, or withdrawal.

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Creating a Culture of Referrals

Too Early, Too Infrequent