A New Perspective

Social Media, Digital Identity, and Student Learning Outcomes

Topics: Social Media, Student Experience, Student Affairs, Student Retention and Success, Career Services, Academic Support Programs, Academic Integrity and Student Conduct, Student Health and Wellness, Academic Planning, Academic Affairs

Blending Virtual and Residential Lives

Challenges and Opportunities to Achieve Learning Outcomes Abound

Residence life is fraught with occasions for students to misuse online communication channels. Cyberbullying remains rampant, despite the concerted efforts of student affairs professionals to rein it in. Additionally, social media can exacerbate and prolong miscommunication between roommates. The interactions students have in residence halls carry over onto digital platforms, and staff can use these moments to intervene and illustrate appropriate conduct.

Yet despite its problems, social networks can help residence life staff in a variety of ways. For example, they can share information rapidly with students in case of incidents like theft. Social media also helps students build and maintain long-term connections with each other.

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Implementing an Online Digital Identity Module

Conduits for Social Media Education