A New Perspective

Social Media, Digital Identity, and Student Learning Outcomes

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Broad Reach Among Students

Digital Tattoo Targets Populations at All Knowledge Levels

Digital Tattoo has succeeded in reaching a diverse cross-section of the student body. Each year, 500 Faculty of Education students undergo training from Digital Tattoo staff. The website receives 20,000 unique visitors annually, and the project’s creators have been asked to present to audiences across Canada. Throughout its six-year history, the project has also introduced new users to social media. Target audiences for introduction to social media tools include first nation students, low-income students, and international students.

Since Digital Tattoo’s launch, website traffic patterns have indicated a growing desire to use social media for professional development. In the project’s early stages, most visitors clicked on the “Connect” theme to learn platform basics. Now, more visitors click on the “Work” theme for professional development resources.

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Supporting Students to Take the Lead on Digital Tattoo

Giving Students a Piece of the Web