A New Perspective

Social Media, Digital Identity, and Student Learning Outcomes

Topics: Social Media, Student Experience, Student Affairs, Student Retention and Success, Career Services, Academic Support Programs, Academic Integrity and Student Conduct, Student Health and Wellness, Academic Planning, Academic Affairs

Critical to Address Digital Identity Early

Introduction Across the First Year Builds a Strong Foundation for the Future

The first year provides several opportunities for student affairs staff to engage students. Moments such as orientation, move-in, welcome week, and the first-year experience can help student affairs practitioners start meaningful conversations with new students.

Interviewees indicate that the first year serves as a long introduction to campus expectations, outcomes, and standards. By introducing digital identity to students in their first year, student affairs staff will build a strong foundation for more positive social media use among the campus population.

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An Emerging Market for Online Reputation Management

Integrating Digital Identity into Orientation