A New Perspective

Social Media, Digital Identity, and Student Learning Outcomes

Topics: Social Media, Student Experience, Student Affairs, Student Retention and Success, Career Services, Academic Support Programs, Academic Integrity and Student Conduct, Student Health and Wellness, Academic Planning, Academic Affairs

Developing a Campus-Wide Student Initiative

Bringing Student Affairs and Academic Affairs Together Around Digital Identity

Some student affairs divisions go beyond a unit-based approach by partnering with academic units to teach students about digital identity.

Due to the ubiquity of social network use among students of all ages, social media education does not just fit within student affairs unit learning outcome strategies. Digital identity education can also reinforce institutional strategic goals and institution-wide learning outcomes such as communication, critical thinking, diversity, and teamwork.

Enlisting academic partners in educational efforts can broaden and multiply the impact of these initiatives.

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Evaluating the Unit-Based Approach

Creating a Central Resource for Digital Identity Education