A New Perspective

Social Media, Digital Identity, and Student Learning Outcomes

Topics: Social Media, Student Experience, Student Affairs, Student Retention and Success, Career Services, Academic Support Programs, Academic Integrity and Student Conduct, Student Health and Wellness, Academic Planning, Academic Affairs

Drilling Down into Digital Identity

Ryerson University’s Session Focuses on Key Themes

Some institutions have chosen to dedicate entire sessions to digital identity and social media use. The Student Affairs staff at Ryerson University created a session that covers online resources, privacy, cyberbullying, online civility, and virtual wellness. Instead of focusing on specific platforms or technologies, the session covers broad themes and content areas.

Virtual wellness serves as a particularly important focus due to the growing risk of internet addiction and perceptions of excessive use among students.

Currently, the session is offered in the week following orientation and throughout the year. The Forum believes that this session would be a valuable addition to mandatory orientation programming.

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Linking Civility and Digital Identity

Implementing an Online Digital Identity Module