A New Perspective

Social Media, Digital Identity, and Student Learning Outcomes

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Giving Students a Piece of the Web

University of Mary Washington’s A Domain of One’s Own

Although Digital Tattoo and Frostburg SAID provide central resources and training, they do not offer structured opportunities for students to actively shape their digital identities.

In 2012, the University of Mary Washington’s Division of Teaching and Learning Technology launched A Domain of One’s Own for a pilot group of first-year students. The initiative provides each student with a domain name for their own website. The domain is based on the student’s first and last name (e.g., www.janesmith.com) and allows them to begin establishing a positive digital identity.

Based on early successes, administrators expanded the initiative to all incoming students in Fall 2013. Students register for domain names through an online form that checks availability and helps the student begin using the domain. The University of Mary Washington internally hosts all of the domains on its own servers to reduce costs.

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Broad Reach Among Students

Fostering Experiential Learning Online