A New Perspective

Social Media, Digital Identity, and Student Learning Outcomes

Topics: Social Media, Student Experience, Student Affairs, Student Retention and Success, Career Services, Academic Support Programs, Academic Integrity and Student Conduct, Student Health and Wellness, Academic Planning, Academic Affairs

Integrating Digital Identity into Orientation

Despite Busy Schedules, Orientation Offers Unique Educational Opportunities

New student orientation offers one of the best opportunities to introduce students to digital identity education. Student affairs professionals can use this time to reach large, captive audiences.

Progressive institutions have begun addressing digital identity during orientation. Students may come to campus with misconceptions about services based on incorrect information shared on social media, or they may have built unhealthy social media habits that interfere with their wellbeing on campus.

Interviewees stressed how institutions have a valuable opportunity at orientation to set expectations and influence student behavior.

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Critical to Address Digital Identity Early

Building a Solid Foundation for Positive Online Habits