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Social Media, Digital Identity, and Student Learning Outcomes

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Peer Advisers Play Crucial Role in Ryerson’s Program

Group Sessions and Shadowing Prepare Student Workers

Staff at Ryerson University attribute much of the program’s success to the training of the peer advisers. Training sessions cover LinkedIn profile requirements, enhancements recommended by LinkedIn, and expectations for advising other students. As part of their training, peer advisers must learn how different professions use LinkedIn for recruiting so that they understand how to optimize LinkedIn profiles for a variety of students.

Peer advisers are also taught how to ask open-ended questions of their student clients. Peer advisers explain the main elements of a complete profile as well as the profile enhancements recommended by LinkedIn, but they do not complete any part of a student’s profile or give them specific scripting. Instead, they ask probing questions that lead the student to highlight key skills and accomplishments on their LinkedIn profile.

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Optimizing Student LinkedIn Profiles

Realizing a Quick Impact Across Constituencies