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Social Media, Digital Identity, and Student Learning Outcomes

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Supporting Students to Take the Lead on Digital Tattoo

Team of Work-Study Students Keeps Content Timely and Relevant

Digital Tattoo features extensive student involvement, which dates back to the project’s earliest planning stages. Students contributed platform expertise to the launch phase, while professional staff provided management, training, and oversight.

Currently, work-study students serve as the primary content creators and workforce for Digital Tattoo. Each year, administrators hire one to three students who dedicate 10 to 20 hours per week to the project, which keeps content relevant and timely.

These students also receive extensive training in professional writing, social media research, and website maintenance. They are then tasked with writing blogs, identifying new resources for the website, and conducting training presentations across campus. Their responsibilities lead them to achieve key learning outcomes such as developing effective presentation skills, which interviewees cite as some of Digital Tattoo’s primary benefits.

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