Supporting International Students on Campus

17 High Impact Practices to Ensure Student Success

17 high-impact strategies and programs to meet the needs of undergraduate international students.

Selecting Core Performance Metrics

Declines in funding, coupled with strong global demand for North American higher education, are leading many institutions to recruit more international students at the undergraduate level. These students are increasingly younger, more diverse, and less academically-prepared than the international students schools are accustomed to serving, and many campuses are finding their existing resources and services insufficient to serve their needs.

The strategy that can help you increase student support—without hiring more staff

This study profiles the high-impact strategies and programs innovative institutions are employing to meet the needs of this new and growing population of undergraduate international students. It focuses on four key areas of support that EAB research identified as particularly important for international students: the transition to campus, academic integrity, career development, and mental health services.

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