Supporting Student Leaders

From the Experiential Learning Toolkit

Topics: Experiential Learning, Career Services, Student Experience, Student Affairs, Greek Life, Orientation, Service Learning, Student Organizations and Activities, Student Government

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About the Tools

This section of the Experiential Learning Toolkit includes skill articulation guides, manuals for workshops to help support students in the job search, guides to help students reflect on their experiences as they prepare to graduate, and a roadmap to develop a more comprehensive development program for student leaders.

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Skill Articulation Guides

Background: Even the most highly engaged students often don't know how to talk about what they've learned from leadership experiences. When drafting a resume or preparing for a job interview, it is important for students to be able to communicate the value of their experiences by articulating the specific skills they learned from their co-curricular involvement.

Description: These guides will help you create a flyer or webpage that highlights the skills gained from campus activities and provides sample resume language to describe them. Distribute hard copies during advising appointments, workshops, and student trainings, and make the flyers available in the career center, residence halls, the office of student activities, and any other locations on your campus where the highlighted activities take place.