Transforming the First-Generation College Student Experience Toolkit

Tactic implementation toolkit

Low-income, first-generation college students represent more than 25% of undergraduate students at four-year institutions today, but only 11% of these students earns their degree in six years. Looking at these statistics, it is little wonder that schools are focused on improving the experience and outcomes for this population. There have been some successful efforts made to address the needs of these students, but they tend to serve only a small number of students, and prove difficult to scale to greater impact.

This toolkit will help you improve the experience of first-generation college students in four areas:

  • Empowering students to better navigate the college experience
  • Highlighting positive identity-based messaging
  • Rethinking our approach to student involvement
  • Frontloading guided practice with career development

The 17 tactics outlined in this toolkit fall into one of the four categories. You can either download the full toolkit or each tool individually.

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