Expanding Well-Being Initiatives Through Faculty Partnerships

Partnering with Faculty on Well-Being Initiativess

Demand for campus mental health services continues to grow, prompting campus leaders to consider how they can proactively reach students with mental health and well-being support before they reach a point of crisis or require clinical support. Many institutions have explored well-being initiatives to help students develop the resilience and coping skills they need to manage everyday challenges and succeed on campus both personally and academically.

These initiatives are often led by student affairs, but progressive institutions have gone beyond student affairs to integrate these skills into the classroom, curriculum, and other academic settings.

Faculty are a key group whose central role in the student experience makes them prime candidates for collaboration on helping students build the resilience and coping skills they need to succeed on campus. This white paper outlines EAB’s three recommendations for partnering with faculty and academic colleagues on well-being initiatives.

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