Get Ahead of Climate Flashpoints with Proactive Risk Identification

What is a flashpoint?
A climate-related incident or event that causes disturbances in the community or media, including heightened levels of activism, media and public scrutiny, and reputational damage.

Since the early 2010s, colleges and universities have grappled with a wide range of climate-related incidents or “flashpoints” on campus. Today, most campuses still struggle to adequately prepare for and effectively respond to flashpoints. Flashpoints are particularly difficult to address because they are hard to predict, evolve quickly (especially on social media), and require institutions to navigate complex, controversial issues that often lack a clear ‘right’ answer.

EAB recommends student affairs offices improve their ability to identify, mitigate, and elevate risk to successfully navigate flashpoints as they arise on campus. This white paper and the supporting tools review common flashpoint challenges and provide actionable next steps to help your team get ahead of climate risks on campus.

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