Serving Students with Histories of Trauma

Developing Comprehensive Support Systems for Early Elementary School Students


This brief explores interventions for students with behavioral concerns that stem from histories of trauma. The report discusses in-classroom support systems, support service coordination, and professional development resources for school staff members.

Key observations from our research

1. Contacts at most profiled districts emphasize the importance of robust Tier I support systems (i.e., generalized practices that serve all students) to cultivate a positive school-wide climate and address behavioral issues early.

2. Contacts at District B use a general screening system to track student behavior, which monitors student behavioral shifts over time. In contrast, District A and School E screen students for indicators of trauma specifically.

3. Robust professional development programs ensure that staff and teachers implement support services and practices effectively.

4. Officials at District F, School E, and School G cite the importance of gaining buy-in from teachers to effectively implement student support systems.

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