LMS Selection and Implementation


This report explores how districts research, select, and implement learning management systems (LMSs). The report first highlights how profiled districts coordinate LMS research and assess LMS vendor options. Next, the report discusses how profiled districts implement LMSs through instructor pilot groups, multi-year implementation plans, and professional development. Finally, the report details how profiled districts identify and resolve implementation issues and assess implementation efforts.

Key observations from our research

1. To address difficulties related to syncing LMSs with student information systems, use district technology staff with programming experience.

2. Use technology committees of parents, teachers, administrators, and technical staff to research and select LMSs.

3. When selecting an LMS vendor, consider how existing relationships with other districts could provide additional implementation support.

4. Begin LMS implementation with teacher pilot groups.

5. Administer teacher surveys to assess LMS implementation.

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