Teacher Recruitment Toolkit

Ideas and tools for improving the recruitment and hiring of teachers in K-12 districts

Discover a wide variety of ideas and accompanying tools to help districts inflect change at every stage of the teacher hiring process.

Ideas and Tools for Improving the Recruitment and Hiring of Teachers in K-12 Districts

Recently, 94% of our District Leadership Forum members told us that they are concerned about teacher recruitment, due to massive teacher shortages across the country.

To address these concerns, we spoke with more than 30 districts and conducted secondary research to discover ways to improve the four aspects of teacher hiring: recruitment, the application process, selection, and sealing the deal.

This toolkit is the product of those conversations and research. Inside are 21 guides, audits, diagnostics, and other tools districts can use to immediately address teacher vacancies. This toolkit is divided into four sections:

  1. Expand the Candidate Pool
  2. Simplify the Application
  3. Streamline the Selection Process
  4. Seal the Deal with Qualified Candidates

Explore each section below or download the full toolkit.

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