Building the Social-Emotional Skills of Incoming At-Risk Kindergarteners

Instituting Summer Transition Programs to Reduce Disruptive Behavior in Early Grades

Key elements of a successful kindergarten transition program.

A recent EAB survey taken by 3,000+ educators reported an increase of disruptive behavior in early grades over the last three years. This data corroborates evidence from hundreds of EAB research interviews in which various educators pointed to kindergarten and first grade as the years with the most behavioral disruptions.

To address this issue, many districts are developing transition programs: Short summer camps that focus on building the social-emotional skills of incoming kindergarteners and acclimating them to a structured educational setting.

The following guide details the key components districts and schools need to consider in order to create a high-quality, successful transition program.

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Element #1: Appropriate timing and staffing
Schedule the program right before the start of the school year and design small groups with multiple teachers to ensure individual attention to each student.

Element #2: Emphasis on social-emotional development
Focus on social-emotional learning and establish clear procedures and routines.

Element #3: Focus on high-needs students
Programs should serve those who would benefit the most. Partner with parents and external care providers for early identification and recruitment of at-risk students.

Element #4: Strong parental involvement
Ensure parents are engaged throughout the program and partner with them to reinforce model behavior.

Prevent misbehavior through early intervention

Join the webconference on Wednesday, April 24 at 3:00 p.m. ET to hear examples from peer districts that have identified students in need of additional behavioral support as early as possible.

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Prevent Misbehavior Through Early Intervention

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