Fellowships and Training Grants

Management, Structure, and Programming at High Research Universities


This research brief analyzes the management, structure, and objectives of fellowships and traineeships at high research universities. The brief also summarizes strategies to increase the number of awarded graduate student fellowships and training grants at profiled institutions.

Key observations from our research

1. Profiled institutions offer internal fellowships to recruit high-performing students, enable returning students to dedicate more time to research, and increase student diversity.

2. Recruitment fellowships yield top students who are likely to later win external fellowships.

3. Profiled institutions distribute external fellowship oversight responsibilities among the graduate school and academic departments.

4. Profiled institutions provide in-person and online support services (e.g., workshops, online resources, summer programming) to assist students in identifying and applying for external fellowships.

5. Only Institution B’s graduate school maintains central oversight over training grant proposal development and grant administration.

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