The University Research enterprise has never been more important—to the school’s academic reputation, its ability to attract students and faculty, its impact on the world at large—while at the same time it is beset by fundamental questions regarding the value of academic research and a dramatically heightened level of uncertainty regarding its future funding.

This year’s national meeting series will focus on the following three areas:

1) How can CROs make sure that researchers on their campus have the full range of support they need to eliminate the burden of administrative tasks and boost research time? What are the most effective technologies, processes, and organizational structures for making investigators’ lives easier?

2) How can CROs more successfully make the case for research? How can they effectively communicate to various discerning stakeholders the ways that academic research grows jobs, discovers cures, solves problems, and enhances the world writ large?

3) How can CROs maximize their university’s chances for sustained funding success? What are the most successful strategies for organizing, resourcing, and growing the research enterprise now and in the near future?