Four Components of Effective Grant Writing Trainings

Competition for grant funding has increased over the past two decades, with proposal acceptance rates declining as the number of submissions continues to grow. Given this increased competition, universities cannot afford to take a laissez-faire approach to faculty grant proposals. To retain—and hopefully increase—grant funding, institutions must find ways to proactively support faculty and strengthen submissions.

One of the most common ways universities support faculty proposals is through grant writing trainings and workshops. This typically comes in the form of brown bag lunches, one-off lectures from a program officer, or other didactic presentations. While these programs are relatively easy to organize and often leverage existing campus space and presenters, they often fail to engage faculty due to a lack of incentives and overgeneralized information.

This resource outlines the four components of effective grant writing trainings that all CROs and research offices should consider. Explore the components below or download the full study to learn more.

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