Striving for More Sustainable Core Facilities

Five Steps for Building a Strong Foundation of Shared Resources

This white paper identifies five steps to help universities provide researchers with access to the technology they need through supporting and growing existing core facilities on campus.

Striving for More Sustainable Core Facilities

Who should read this?
  • Chief research officers
  • Core facilities directors and staff
  • Research Office Staff

Three ways to use this white paper
  • Design a central support program for core facilities on campus, including determining eligibility criteria, selection process, and services to provide
  • Increase the impact of core facilities on campus through increased publicity and support
  • Connect researchers with existing advanced technologies on campus

Core facilities are not new to campuses, but as budgets tighten, they are increasingly important as Chief research officers (CROs) look for cost-effective ways to provide researchers with access to the advanced technologies they need to complete their research.

CROs can provide targeted support to select cores by identifying and defining criteria for which cores align with the needs of faculty and the research enterprise. Creating a central core facility program allows CROs to focus investments on facilities that best fit with their goals—whether that means growing research in a certain discipline or supporting cores that serve the largest user base. CROs can adjust the services they provide through the central program to fit the available resources of the research office.

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