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Get to know your program’s high-affinity prospective students

We define your school’s unique student profile by using machine learning to analyze your students’ data with our consumer database of 200+ million individuals.

Connect with your best-fit students via customized campaigns

Our 360-degree view of your top prospects informs a hyper-targeted multichannel strategy to make the most of your digital marketing spend.

Manage enrollment with real-time, responsive data

We constantly monitor students’ application and enrollment status and use targeted “nudging” to encourage their progress.

Featured in The Wall Street Journal:

"To Recruit Students, Colleges Turn to Corporate Marketing Playbook"

July 14, 2018

Houston Baptist University found a new way to appeal to prospective graduate students: boats.

The university hired higher-education consulting firm EAB to analyze a vast consumer database aiming to identify potential applicants the same way retailers find shoppers. EAB created a demographic and psychographic profile of Houston Baptist’s enrolled students and found a high percentage had interests in recreational boating and fishing.

Interested in reading the full article? Continue reading here.

1.4 million

The number of times our partners' program offerings were viewed by adult search prospects

What We Offer

  • Best-in-industry data science: Analyses of 115 variables per prospective student, integrating your CRM and our consumer databases
  • High-affinity student profiles: A complete and accurate view—including personality traits, hobbies, and demographics—of your best-fit students to drive targeted campaigns
  • Integrated, multi-channel marketing: Tested outreach collateral and schedules across social media, text, email, organic search, and paper communications
  • Audience targeting and geographic scoring: Analytic insights that pinpoint right-fit audiences and maximize total opportunity with ready-to-act prospects
  • Consumer-driven application process: Dynamic landing pages and real-time monitoring to fuel your application growth
  • 15 dedicated experts: Strategic leaders, data scientists, creative developers, and more, committed to your success
  • Cohort insights: Best practice guidance from comprehensive program testing

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