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Activate your application as a marketing and customer service platform

Applications are not merely a list of mundane facts about students. We believe they are powerful tools to deepen student engagement and boost both application completion and yield rates. That's why we partner with you to craft an application process that consistently and artfully communicates your brand while giving students a smooth path to express their interest in your school.

Campaigns We Offer

Custom Application Marketing

Boosts application volume by increasing awareness of your institution

  • Multichannel outreach used to invite seniors to apply
  • Your value proposition reinforced in all communications
  • Applications “foolproofed” via user-experience testing
  • Evidence-based outreach content, format, and timing
  • Strikingly superior results relative to traditional approaches
  • SENDedu electronic document transfer platform included

Web Application

Streamlines the application process for all students

  • Your web application is developed and hosted by us, but lives on your .edu domain
  • Provides responding students with valuable proprietary content on college search
  • Links to your website and other information about your institution
  • Seamless data transfer
  • Mobile-first design
  • SENDedu electronic document transfer platform included

Popular Campaign Variants and Extensions

Common Application Marketing

Our Common App-exclusive partner institutions have enjoyed excellent results from Application Marketing campaigns. These campaigns use intensive digital media, email, and paper communications to build affinity with applicants and shepherd them successfully through application submission.

Transfer Application Marketing

Our Transfer Application Marketing offering is identical in all respects to our Custom Application Marketing program but also uses our proprietary insights on the richest list sources for this population and messages that reflect their unique concerns.