The student’s long and winding road to college (and what you can do to help)

It goes without saying that most students are excited by the prospect of attending college. But many are also intimidated by the complex decisions and processes they face when choosing a school, applying, and teeing up financing for their education—challenges that can easily throw them off track.

Long and Winding Road

Once upon a time, understanding students’ perspective on these barriers would have relied largely on your powers of empathy and imagination. But the ongoing revolution in digital communications, paired with increasingly sophisticated data and analytical capabilities, means that it’s possible to know more than ever about college-bound students. This includes previously unavailable insight on what they’re finding most difficult, what information they most urgently need each step of the way, and which communication channels are most effective for reaching them.

The infographic above summarizes key findings from our recent work on these questions, from the earliest stages of a student’s college search through to enrollmentall from the student’s perspective.

Included are actions you can take to remove unnecessary barriers to their progress—actions that boost student morale and, not incidentally, build affinity with your institution. In following the steps we’ve outlined, you’ll also be creating better-informed applicants, with further downstream benefits for your enrollment and retention numbers.

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The 10 most common student communication mistakes—and 3 tools to fix them

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